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The aim of this page is to resolve and questions or queries you may have regarding Acho Reviews. If you have a specific question that is not answered on this page, you may reach out via email to: contact(at)

Who is Acho Reviews?

Acho Reviews is, essentially, SenyorC. I am just someone who enjoys listening to music and reviewing audio related products. I do work in audio but I try to keep my work seperate from pleasure and I certainly don't sell headphones or related gear (unless I am selling something used).

Who is Acho Reviews affiliated with?

Nobody. By that I mean that I do not have a contract or monetary agreement with any company that may appear mentioned on this website.

I do not use affiliate links, so it does not matter to me if you purchase an item or not, I am more interested in creating a large amount of viewers and followers in order to keep the page and channel growing.

I do work with manufacturers and sellers who send me items for review. Sometimes these are on loan, discounted or donated. I am always very clear about where the products originate and for more information see: About My Reviews

Does Acho Reviews receive money from publicity?

No. In the same manner that I do not use affiliate links, I also do not add publicity to my videos or website in order to montize them. If any ad's appear, it is because the platform I am using decides to add publicity that I cannot avoid. If I should ever decide to change this, I will let everyone know.

So how does Acho Reviews make a profit?

It doesn't. I have a job and anything that is not donated or on loan, is paid for out of my own pocket and believe me, my pockets are not very deep.

What about the manufacturers or stores that you mention? Surely that isn't for free?

Again, it is, well, sort of. 

As I just mentioned, anything that is not donated or loaned is paid for by myself. In order for manufacturers and/or sellers to send me stuff (being donated or on loan), I need to make it worthwhile for them, in other words, have a big enough viewer/reader base for it to be worthwhile.

In order to grow my viewer/reader base, I need to post relevant and interesting content, such as reviews and news. When a product is sent to me for review, I always mention who has sent it and whether it is donated/loaned/discounted. I also include links (in the case of a seller) to their website as they have been kind enough to send me an item, the least I can do is promote their store. If I am sent a product that I don't like, they still get to be mentioned, so I guess it isn't always positive for them ;)

Basically, the bigger the channel/blog, the more people are interested in sending items for review, the more items I get for review, the bigger the channel/blog.

What about the news articles from other sites/companies?

When I first started Acho Reviews, the idea was for it to be a news & reviews channel/blog, sharing information and news about the headphone world and also publishing it in Spanish for those who don't follow the major English sites.

However, reviewing takes time and I also have a job and a family, so this doesn't leave the necessary time for research. But, to be honest, I would rather be listening to music and reviewing stuff than spending hours searching for new stuff (that is also fun but can be expensive!).

Working together with manufacturers and stores, they send me news and I translate and publish it. This benefits both of us. Acho Reviews has more relevant and interesting content, while the manufacturers/stores have a link to their site posted to a larger audience.

Just to be clear, all news articles are published with previous consent.

Why are there links to other review sites on Acho Reviews?

Why not? I mean, anyone who is looking for reviews of headphone products is probably interested in buying that product, so the more information available, the better.

The specific links are to reviewers who I feel are doing their best to share information with the community.

This doesn't mean that those that aren't linked aren't trying to do the same, it just means that I have previously collaborated or been in contact with these reviewers.

This also doesn't mean that we always agree or that we even review the same things, but again, the more info the better.

How to help Acho Reviews?

Currently there is no donation system, nor do I know if it will be something I will add in the future. If you want to help out, I am always open to receiving products for review. As you probably already know, I am based in Spain but if you want to ship something to me for review, send an email to contact(at) and we can work it out.

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