Review - Moondrop Chu (sub 50€)

Measurements - Moondrop Starfield (and a few comparisons)

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I realised that I included my measurements of the Starfield in the YouTube episode (which you can see in Spanish here: but I didn't include them in my written review, the full review (written in English) is here:

As always, my measurements are only useful if compared to measurements that have also been posted by me, you can find more about my measurements and how they work here: )

Here is the graph of the Moondrop Starfield:

As far as comparisons, here they are compared to the Urbanfun YBF-ISS014 (you can read my review of the Urbanfun here:

Here they are compared to the Blon BL-03 (you can read my review of the BL-03 here:

And finally, here they are in comparison to the KZ ZS10 Pro (my review of the KZ is here: