Review - Tangzu x HBB Xuan NV

Music I test with (includes Tidal and Spotify playlists)

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Although I like to spend time with each product I review listening to all kinds of music, I do have a "Test Track" list that I use to spot certain qualities (or lack of them) when reviewing the product.

My list varies slightly depending on the platform (i.e: my FLAC files, Spotify, Tidal, etc.) as not all tracks are available on all platforms.

So you can check out the tracks I use and mention in my reviews, I will leave my Tidal and Spotify playlists here, that way they will automatically update if I decide to add any new songs to the lists.

Please note that this is a not a "favourite songs" list, there are multiple tracks that sound terrible on decent systems, that is part of the tests.




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