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News - Black Friday offers on HifiGo

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Now that the 11.11 sale is over, next up is Black Friday, which starts in just a few days.

HifiGo has sent me a list of the discounts they will be offering on their products during the sale, from the 22nd to 29th of November, so I thought I would share them with you.

Just as a reminder, I do not use any affiliate links, nor am I affiliated with HifiGo (or other stores/manufacturers) in any way other than them sending me items to review. Therefore, I do not make anything from any purchases made on HifiGo. In fact, there is no way for them to know who has visited their site after viewing this site, so my intention is just to share these with anyone who may be interested in some of the disconts they are offering!

Here are the brands and their respective discounts:

Astrotec         10-15%


Audirect         10%

Aune 10-15%

BGVP 10-15%

Blon         10-15%

BQEYZ         10-15%

DD HiFi         10-15%

Dethonry         5-10%

DUNU 10%

Fidue 10%


HiBy 10%

Hidizs 10-40%

IKKO 10-15%

KBEAR         10-20%

Kinera 10-15%

Matrix 10,00%


NICEHCK 10-20%

Oriolus 10%

Questyle         10%

Ranko 10-15%

SHOZY         10-15%

Singxer         10%

Sivga 10-15%

Smabat         10-15%

Softears         5%

SONCOZ         10-15%

Seeaudio         10%

Shuoer 10-15%


TempoTec 10-15%

TinHiFi 10-15%


TRI         10-20%

Whizzer         10-15%

Yinlvmei         10-15%

Yinyoo 10-15%

Yulong 10%

NF Audio         10%

SMSL 15%

Xduoo 15%

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