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Contest - Win a set of Tin Hifi T3 Plus

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As I mentioned in my review of the Tin T3+ a few days ago, Tin Hifi have kindly donated a set of T3+ to give away to followers of Acho Reviews.

If you want to win these IEMs, all you need to do is leave a comment on the video of the give away which you can find here: Gana unos Tin Hifi T3 Plus

The video is in Spanish but comments can be in any language.

You have until midday (mainland Spain time) on the 26th of December to leave your comment, this is the time that the competition ends and the comment with most likes will win these IEMs valued at 76€ (at the time of publishing this).

You can find them via Tin Hifi here: Tin Hifi T3 Plus

Your comment can be about anything, as long as it is not offensive, maybe about something you would like to see on Acho Reviews, and if your comment is the most voted, you get the IEMs, it's that simple.

As we are in times of giving and not just receiving, don't hesitate to give another comment a like. I know that everyone who comments would like to win but giving a like is free and you might help make someone happy.

Unfortunately there are a few restrictions for those who live outside mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands. The shipment will only be made to an address inside the Spanish mainland or Balearic Islands, which means that if you live outside these territories, you can still enter without issue but the shipment from Spain to your place of residence will be your responsibility.

As always, there are some rules, they are simple but they must be made clear...

This is a contest and not a raffle, to win you need to do the following:

- Subscribe to Acho Reviews.

- Publish a comment on this video: Gana unos Tin Hifi T3 Plus

Duration of the contest:

- The contest starts the moment that the video is published on YouTube.

- The contest ends at midday on the 26th of December 2021 (Spanish mainland time).

How the winner is picked:

- The comment on this video with most likes will win the prize, as long as the comment is not offensive (see "other rules" below).

- I will publish a video announcing the winning comment and the corresponding username.

How the winner receives the prize:

- If the winner has contact details associated with their YouTube account, I will contact him/her directly.

- If the winner does not have an established contat method on their YouTube page, he/she will need to contact Acho Reviews via email: (you can also find the email address on the "Information" tab of the YouTube channel).

- To confirm the winners identity, in the case of not having an established method of contact on YouTube, we will send a code word or phrase that the winner will need to publish in the comments of the video announcing the winner, that way we can confirm that it is actually the selected winner.

- Once identity has been confirmed, the winner will need to send us an address and we will send the Tin Hifi T3+ to that address (shipping costs covered by Acho Reviews). If you live outside mainland Spain or the Balearic Islands, please see "Other rules and information".

Other rules and information:

- Although anyone can participate, the prize can only be shipped to an address that is inside mainland Spain or the Balearic Islands. The Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla and/or any other state/country are excluded. If you do not have an address in the Spanish mainland (or Balearic Islands) and you are the winner, you can give us an address inside Spain or arrange your own shipping to your place of residence.

- Any comment that is considered offensive will not be considered eligible to win. This includes, but is not limited to, comments that are racist, sexist, descriminatory, or any other comment that can be considered offensive towards any person, group or company. You can see the YouTube community rules here:

- The video announcing the winner will be published as soon as possible after the end of the contests, however, I cannot guarantee a specific date. In the case that the winner does not have a contact method established on YouTube, he/she will have 7 days (168 hours!) to contact Acho Reviews after the announcement of the winner has been published. After 7 days, the prize will given to the 2nd most voted and another announcement video will be published following the same routine.

- The earphones are new and unopened, however, although they are shipped in perfect condition and working order, they do not have any warranty and Acho Reviews is not responsible for any damage caused during shipping or any malfunction of the IEMs themselves.

- This contest and its corresponding prize is published in good faith, this is not a binding contract and we reserve the right to cancel or remove the competition at any point iif we feel it is necessary.

- YouTube does not endorse this contest, nor are they in any way responsible or related to this contest in any way.

- No details of those who enter the contest will be collected, except for the email and shipping details provided to use directly by the winner, which will only be used for shipping purposes and will not be saved or included in any file, nor shared with any other person or company.

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