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I am currently on a business trip and while I am here, Antdroid (of has very kindly loaned me multiple sets of IEMs to try out. 

First, I must apologize for the lack of photos, and the poor quality of the photo that I have included, but I am stuck in a hotel room with just a cell phone and very limited light etc.

My intention with this "Mini Review" is to share my impressions of the various IEMs after using them for approximately one day only. I usually spend at least a week with an IEM before I create a review, as I find that more time spent can sometimes make certain flaws more obvious or can also make something grow on me. Therefore, please take these "Mini Reviews" for what they are, impressions after using the IEMs for only a brief period of time.

My intention was to first post a Mini Review of the Shouer S12, a set of IEMs that has impressed me quite a bit, however, Shouer have informed me that they have sent me a set to review, which I should have by the time I get back to Spain. Therefore, I am going to wait and post a complete review of the S12, as I feel that they deserve it without doubt.

As I have already tried the S12, a lot of what I am going to mention about the Timeles is in comparison to the S12, which may not make a lot of sense due to the fact that I haven't posted a review of the S12 yet, but once I get to posting my review of the S12, this mini review will probably make a lot more sense.


As these are on loan, I can’t say that they include all of the packaging and contents. In fact, I know that all contents are not included as there is only one set of tips and I know that these include more, therefore I am not going to really talk about presentation.

I will say that they do include a carry/storage case that is basically a full metal box, which is a few milimeters thick and is way too heavy to use to carry these IEMs around. However, the box is quite impressive and I must give 7Hz bonus points for originality.

Build and aesthetics…

The shape of the Timeless is quite original also, definitely a break from the norm. They are a large circle shape that fits just outside the ear, with a nozzle that is quite long but makes them quite comfortable. Personally I find the S12 more comfortable but the Timeless are not bad in this regard either.

The IEMs are metal and seem to be well built, with no obvious signs of wear, although I don’t know exactly how long Antdroid has had them, nor how much he has used them.

The included cable is a bit basic but uses nice hardware and to be honest, I prefer the lightweight of it over the thicker cable included with the S12.


In the subbass department, I find that there is less quantity than with the S12. It is not rolled off enough for me to complain but if given the choice, I would prefer to have a little more presence in this region. I found tracks like “Bury A Friend” enjoyable but would choose to add a little more subbass if possible.

In the midbass range, I must say that I find them to be very similar to the S12 and really don’t have any complaints. The low end of bass guitars and other instruments have enough presence to be enjoyable, at least to me, without being overly done and becoming too warm.

The mids are also very similar throught the lower and middle ranges, however, reaching the higher end of the mids, I find that the Timeless are not quite as forward in the vocals as the S12. I mean, the S12 are not exactly very vocal forward but the Timeless are even less so. Saying that, I cannot say that the vocals are recessed, they are not, they are still present enough for me to not complain, just that the S12 has that little bit more.

I also have no issue with the treble areas of the Timeless. The treble is not quite as smooth as on the S12, which does sometimes make it seem a little more detailed (only on specific songs). The extension and sensation of air is also good, and while it is not as smooth as the treble on the S12, it does seem to extend a little further, or at least that is the impression that it gives me.

The detail I would say is also slightly better on the Timeless in comparison to the S12, although there is very little in it. The S12 seems to be a little more smoothed over in the treble department, which does affect the sensation of detail, but I still think that the Timeless has the edge here.


This has been a bit of a strange comparison to the S12, a set that I haven't reviewed yet, but to be honest, they are both excellent IEMs in my opinion. There is very little difference between them as far as sound qualities but I have found myself preferring the overall tuning of the S12. Again, it is very close and it is minor things that only really stand out when comparing them side by side, but I must say I am more of a fan of the S12.

But personal preferences aside, the Timeless are an excellent set of IEMs for their price and I would be more than happy to have them in my collection, probably getting more use than the majority of other IEMs I have.

I think that anyone buying the Timeless is making a very good purchase and will not regret doing so (if they fit their personal preference as far as tuning of course!).

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