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The Tangzu Princess Chang Le have been sent to me by Linsoul in exchange for the publication of this review. Linsoul have made no requests and, as always, I will do my best to be as sincere and unbiased as possible.

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Tangzu are a brand that I have had good experiences with in the past and, in fact, the Wan’er are a 15€ set of IEMs that I think are very good and place well on my list of favourites under 50€. Today we have the Princess Chang Le which are even cheaper, coming in at around 10€, which is less than a McDonalds menu! 

They even arrived with 3 sets of Tangzu Tang Sancai tips (which increases the price of the Princess Chang Le by about 0.80€) which are valued at 8€ on their own (and are actually decent tips that I have found work well on certain headphones).

But, as Tangzu (and other companies) has proven in the past, cheap does not mean it has to sound bad, so let’s see if we can really get decent sound for 10€.


The box keeps up the classic Chinese decor that Tanzu (and T Force before them) has used in the past. The packaging reminds me of a gift you would get at a local Chinese restaurant but is far superior to what we should expect for the price. Just a box is more than we should expect!

Inside the box we get the IEMs with their permanently attached cable, three sets of silicone tips and that’s it. But again, what do we expect!?! The Tang Sacai tips arrive packed separately.

Build and aesthetics…

The IEMs are very small bullet style IEMs similar in size to something like the Final Audio E series. However, the shells are metal and there is quite a lot of detail in the design of the decoration. The shells are silver in colour, with engraved patterns all around them, and the back plates are of a gold colour, with a design in black.

The attached cable is a simple silver cable but it also uses metal hardware and there are two small metal rings (one red and one blue) where the cable attaches to the IEMs which is a nice touch.

As far as comfort, well, it will depend on the tips as that will be the only part of the IEMs that touches your ears.

I have to say that the aesthetics and build of these IEMs, whether you like the design, is amazing for the price. The only negative I have with build quality is that the cable is very microphonic, and I mean “very”. Each small movement of your body is heard through the cable and tapping on it will sound like a bass drum in your ears.


Here is the graph of the Princess Chang Le in comparison to my usual preference target for reference:

The general presentation of these IEMs is quite warm and more towards the “fun” side of things than presenting detail. 

I am not overly fond of the tuning and things like “Crazy” can become fatiguing to my ears due to that excessive midbass and a slight lack of clarity, but they are certainly not terrible. I usually find that sets that are midbass boosted and lack clarity and definition, will make me fatigued and even nauseous after a short while but that hasn’t really been the case with these IEMs.

I did use them for extended listening sessions and I quite enjoyed them, as long as I kept still. The issue is with the microphonics of the cable, which takes away from the enjoyment.

The upper ranges are not the focus of the IEMs but they are not absent, in fact, these IEMs have no right to sound as good as they do at this price.

Detail, as I already said, is not the strong point, yet it sort of works well with the general tuning, making them a relaxed and smooth/fun listen.


I know this is a very short review but I have a lot of things waiting to be tested and seriously, these IEMs are surprisingly well built, have plenty of detail in the aesthetics (more than in the music itself lol) and are very comfortable. They even include a microphone!

If it wasn’t for the microphonics of the cable, I would say that these are a perfect “keep in my bag” set to always have around and just pull out and connect to your phone. As it is, with that cable, I can’t suggest using these while out and about unless you are sitting still on a bench somewhere, the microphonics would just drive me crazy.

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