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Moondrop, a chinese IEM manufacturer that is well known on this blog/channel (I currently have two itmes of theirs pending review), have released a TWS set of IEMs called the Moondrop Sparks. With multiple colour options and supporting the latest Bluetooth v5.2 technology, with a QCC3040 BT chip from Qualcomm, Moondrop say they offer a stable connection with hi-resolution audio.

Using the built in DSP, they state that their acoustic temas have tuned it to perfectly align with the new VSDF target and produces rich punchy base, beautiful vocals, detailed treble and spacious sound stage.



- Bluetooth V5.2 connectivity.

- NFC Connection support.

- Magnetic Charging.

- Touch controls.

- Stereo & Mono mode.

- VDSF Target Response.

- High-Res aptX Adaptive Codec support.

- Strong and Stable connection.

- Battery Life (Earpieces): 8 Hours.

- Battery Life (With Charging Case): 48 Hours.

- Qualcomm CVC Noise-Reduction microphones.


Price and availability...

The Moondrop Sparks are available on HifiGo here for $89.99


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