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The manufacturer xDuoo has released a new product in their MT line up of hybrid amplifiers. This time it is balanced hybrid amplifier which uses 4 6j1 tubes and is capable of outputting 2W at 32 ohms.

Along with the 4 tubes used in the preamp section, the MT-604 has a transistor based Class A buffer used for amplification. The circuitry is fully balanced and has both 4.4mm and XLR outputs, with XLR inputs.

One thing that stands out is that xDuoo have opted to use two independant volume controls, one for the left channel and one for the right, supposedly allowing the user to eliminate any channel imbalance.


- Four 6J1 Tubes for the Pre-amp stage.

- Class-A Transistor Buffer.

- XLR and 4.4mm Balanced Input/Output Options.

- Independent Left & Right volume controls.

- Gain: +15dB.

- Output Power: 2000mW @ 1kHz, 32ohm.

- Dynamic Range: 85dBA(32ohm).

- Frequency Response: 10Hz-60kHz.

- Supported Headphone Impedance: 16ohm-600ohm.

- THD+N: </= 0.01%.

- SNR: 115dB.

- Weight: 0.55Kg.

- Size: 17*10*6cm


Price and availability...

You can find the xDuoo MT-604 on HifiGo here for $169

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