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There has been a lot of movement in the Topping / SMSL department this past week, with the launch of 4 new devices, 3 under the SMSL brand and 1 under the Topping brand.


Topping D90SE...

With regards to Topping, they have released the Topping D90SE DAC, which is now based on an ESS DAC chip, the ES9038Pro.


Available in silver or black, this DAC is the flagship from the company, with ultra-low distortion, MQA support, XLR balanced and RCA unbalanced outputs, it fills the void left by the AKM factory fire that affected the Topping D90, amongst many other brands.



- ES9038Pro DAC Chip.  

- Hi-Res Wireless Audio  

- Ultra-Low Distortion.  

- 2nd Generation 16-Core XMOS XU216 USB Signal Receiver.   

- PCM Decoding up to 32-Bit/768kHz.   

- Native DSD512 Decoding.   

- IIS Input Supports Native DSD1024 Support.  

- MQA Decoding Support

- Bluetooth V5.0 Connectivity With LDAC Transmission Codec.  

- RCA & XLR Output  

- Ultra-Low Noise Pre-Amp

- Remote Control.  


Pricing and availability...

The D90SE is available from HifiGo for 741,44€ here.

You can also find more information and specs on the HifiGo site here.


SMSL have also released a new DAC in their lineup, the SU-8S. As with the Topping D90S, the SU-8S is based upon an ESS Sabre DAC chip, although in this case, it is the ES9068AS.


With MQA, native DSD512 & 32-Bit/768kHz PCM, the SU-8S aims to cover all the decoding you should need. Amongst other features, it also sports a colour screen & bluetooth v5.0.


- ESS Sabre DAC Chip. 

- 2nd-Gen XMOS 16-Core USB Receiver. 

- PCM decoding up to 32-Bit/768kHz. 

- DSD decoding up to DSD512 natively.

- Full MQA Support.

- Wireless Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity.

- Qualcomm AptX HD/AptX wireless codec support.

- Remote control.

- Inputs: USB/Optical/Coaxial/Bluetooth.

- Outputs: RCA/XLR.

Pricing and availability...

The SMSL SU-8S is available on HifiGo for 269.90€ here.

You can also find more sepcifications and details on HifiGo here.


To accompany the SU-8S, SMSL have also released a new headphone amplifier, the SH-8S. CApable of 6W, it is a very powerful amplifier that measures incredibly well.

At a price of 189,68€ on HifiGo here, the SH-8s aims to provide a well measuring, high powered amplifier at a very reasonable cost.

You can find more specs and information on HifiGo here.


And last but certainly not least, SMSL have released a new network audio player named the SD-9.


The SD-9 is the first venture into a player of this kind from SMSL and they have done it in a way that should meet almost everyones needs. With a multitude of inputs and outputs, the SD-9 supports all kinds of file formats, which can be sent to the player via cable or wirelessly.


With wireless and wired NAS support, USB hard drive support, USB PC connection, USB smartphone connection, Bluetooth and DLNA, there are endless ways of getting files to the SD-9.

One the player has done its job, these files can be output via Optical, Coaxial, I2S, AES/EBU and USB, allowing the connection of virtually any DAC one should choose.


Pricing and availability...

The SMSL SD-9 is available for 329.89€ from HifiGo here.

You can also find more information about the SD-9 by visiting the original article on HifiGo here.


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