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Over the past 10 days there have been a few new set of IEMs launched, in multiple price brackets.

For those interested in the budget end of the market, something that I like to focus on, there is a new launch from the well known players of the economic IEM market, KZ.


A couple of days ago, KZ launched the new ZAS, a 8 driver per side hybrid from the brand who popularized hybrids in the budget IEM market.

With the ZAS, they have opted for a single dynamic driver paired with 7 balanced armature drivers, in a shell that contains a new acoustic cavity structure according to KZ.


- 8 driver per side, hybrid configuration.

- 10mm Dual-magnetic Dynamic Driver.

- 7 new-generation high-performance Balanced Armature drivers.

- Newly designed Acoustic Cavity.

- Professional electronic frequency crossover.

- High-purity 200 core silver-plated cable.

- Standard 0.75mm two-pin connectors.

- Standard 3.5mm termination plug.

- Impedance: 24 ohms.

- Frequency Response Range: 10Hz-40kHz.

- Sensitivity: 109dB.

Price and availability…

The ZAS is available in two colours from $66 (for the non mic version) on HifiGo, here.

Read more about the ZAS in the orginal article here.

HiBy Crystal 4

Moving slightly up in the price bracket we have a new set of multi balanced armature IEMs from HiBy called the Crystal 4.

Using Knowles BA drivers, HiBy has opted for 4 drivers per side, as the name would suggest. There is a 22955 driver used for the low end, a 29689 driver for the mids and 2x 31736 drivers working together in the high end. 


- Knowles Quad-BA driver configuration.

- Handcrafted Inner Cavities.

- 0.78mm 2-pin connectors.

- Silver-Plated Copper cable With 3.5mm Termination Plug.

- Impedance: 26 ohms.

- Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-40kHz.

- Sensitivity: 105dB/mW.

- Two-Way Frequency Crossover.

Pricing and availability…

The HiBy Crystal 4 is available on Hifigo for $299.99, here.

Read more about the Crystal 4 in the original article here.

Fidue Gem 4

The last IEM of the three that I will name today is also the highest priced of the 3. The Fidue Gem 4 also opts for 4 Balanced armature drivers per side, although they note them, in this case, as custom tuned units.


- High-Performance 4x custom made BA drivers on each side.

- Three-way electronic frequency division.

- Independent Acoustic Cavity.

- Independent Air-Diversion A.G. module.

- High-purity Silver-plated Monocrystalline Copper cable.

- Standard 2-pin connectors.

- Medical-grade Resin shells made using 3D printing technology.

- Impedance: 50 ohms.

- Sensitivity: 112dB.

- Input Power: 50mW.

Pricing and availability…

The Fidue Gem 4 is available on Hifigo for $479.99, here.

Read more about the Gem 4 in the original article here.


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