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I have not been keeping up with the news as much as I would like to over the past couple of weeks and there have been a few new entries into the IEM world that deserve mentioning, so let's take a brief look at them!

DD Hifi Janus 2

First up we have a new single Dynamic Driver IEM from DD Hifi, a brand better known for its high quality USB DAC/Amps and accessories. The original Janus was launched last year with a feature that is quite unusual, a feature that the Janus 2 has maintained, and that is the fact that it has a dual connection port, allowing use of either 2 pin or MMCX cables.

However, the Janus 2 has been totally redesigned in comparison to the original model, opting for a complete revamp of the internals.

Using a newly developed 10mm dynamic driver, this supposedly translates into a faster and more energetic sound.

The internal wiring has been customized by Effect Audio, known for their premium cables, and the Janus 2 is available in two variants, the Standard Edition and the Simple Edition, each with a different cable included.

The DD Hifi Janus 2 is available from $149 on HifiGo and you can find it here along with more details in the original article here.

Oriolus Isabellae

Next up is a new launch from Oriolus, a manufacturer based in Japan and known for their portable amplifiers, DAPs and IEMs.

The Isabellae uses a single 9.8mm Dynamic Drive that uses a Japanese Daikoku CCAW coil with an external magnet.

The Isabellae has actually been in the making for around 7 years and has finally arrived, said to provide a smooth, non-fatiguing treble with fast, punchy bass and accurate midrange.

Built using German imported medical grade resin, these IEMs opt for a retro brass-like finish.

The price is to be set at $659 but HifiGo is offering an introductory price of $600 here. You can also find out more in the original article published by HifiGo here.


Another recent launch is a Tribrid IEM by BGVP, the NE5. The implementation of tribrid designs is gaining popularity recently and BGVP has entered the game with 5 drivers on each side. Comprising a single Dynamic Driver, two Balanced Armature drivers and two EST drivers, they have paired it with the latest in tech and features to ensure they are recognized in this tribrid market.

Machined out of aviation grade aluminum alloy, the NE5 also contains a 3D printed interior acoustic cavity that supposedly reduces harmonic distortion.

Available in 2 colours, Electroplated Silver and Electroplated Grey, the NE5 is available from HifiGo for $499 here. You can also find more information in the original article here.

Open Audio Witch

Continuing with the recent launches, Open Audio presents us with the Witch, a dual driver hybrid. Open Audio is new to the world of IEMs but has made its debut with these IEMs that feature a 10mm composite dynamic driver and a Balanced Armature driver on each side.

The Witch is said to provide a full-bodied, powerful sound with deep bass, rich midrange and smooth high frequency response, complementing different genres with immersive sound and beautiful transparent vocals.

The Open Audio Witch is available from HifiGo for $99.99 here, with more information in the original article that you can find here.

Fiio FD3 and FD3 Pro

Last but not least we have not one but two new launches from Fiio, a manufacturer that needs no introduction. Fiio has presented two new additions to the FD line, the FD3 and the FD3 Pro.

Both models are single Dynamic Driver with a full size DLC diaphragm and semi open acoustic design. They also feature an interchangeable nozzle design, including two different nozzles in the packaging, allowing us to tune them to our preferences.

While there are two models, named FD3 and FD3 Pro, the actual IEM units are the same, the difference is in the included cable. The FD3 ships with a high purity copper cable whereas the Pro version includes a Litz braided silver plated copper cable with interchangeable plugs.

The FD3 is available for $109.99 and the FD3 Pro for $149.99 on HifiGo here. More info can be found in the original article published on HifiGo here.

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