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After making the most of some vacation time, it’s time to head back to work and to catch up on some of the recent releases in the headphone world.

Fiio FD7...

In the land of IEMs, as is to be expected, there have been a few new releases and the first I am going to mention is a new single dynamic flagship from Fiio, the FD7.

Using a 12mm Pure Beryllium driver, the FD7 sports a semi-open dynamic design with 3 interchangeable sound tubes.

Shipping with the interchangeable cable system from the brand, which includes 2.5mm, 3.5mm and 4.4mm terminations, the FD7 will begin shipping soon and can be ordered from HiFiGo for just over 530€ here.

You can read more about the FD7 in the original article published here.

Fiio FH5s Pro…

We mentioned the release of the FH5s recently and now Fiio has introduced the new Pro model that will be added to the series.

Although the IEMs remain the same, the Pro version comes bundled with a high-purity 8 strand 152 core Litz braided single-crystal silver-plated cable, rather than the  four-strand 120 core Litz braided monocrystalline silver-plated copper cable that comes included with the standard version.

The FH5s Pro is available for 270€ on HiFiGo here and you can read more about them in the original article that can be found here.

Tin Hifi T2 Evo...

Moving from Fiio to Tin Hifi, the brand has introduced a new model into the well know T2 series, named the T2 Evo.

Very reminiscent of the original T2, this model sports a 10mm Carbon molecule composite diaphragm dynamic driver unit and comes with a 5N 8-core silver-plated cable.

Available for just over 40€ on HifiGo here, this is a model that may enter the battle of the sub 50€ category that we like to mention on Acho Reviews.

You can read more about the set on HiFiGo here.

KBEAR Aurora...

A brand that has become well known in recent times, KBEAR, has introduced their latest model, the Aurora.

Featuring a 3D printed cavity design, using aluminum alloy, the Aurora uses a 10mm Titanium diaphragm dynamic driver, said to provide a clean & natural sound with a noise-free dark background.

Available for 142€ on HiFiGo here, you can also find more information in the original article posted here.


For our final IEM model today, BGVP introduces the DH5, a five driver hybrid design featuring a 10mm beryllium-plated diaphragm dynamic driver unit, along with four high-performance Balanced Armature drivers(2 from Knowles+2 custom BA units).

With a low impedance of 19 ohms and a high sensibility of 119dB/mW, the DH5 should prove to be easy to drive from almost any source.

Coming in at just over 70€ on HiFiGo here, you can find out more about these IEMs in the full article posted here.

Tempotec Sonata MHD…

Moving away from IEMs and heading towards sources, a brand well known for their portable DACs has introduced their latest model, the Sonata MHD.

Using an ES9281 DAC chip, with 32bit/384kHz support, DSD128 support and 8x MQA decoding, the brand seeks to continuously improve their portable line up.

You can find all the specs and more info in the original article posted here and can find it for sale at 75€ on HifiGo here.

Dethonray Prelude DTR1+...

For the last but not least item of this post, a new DAP from a company that is well known for their music players, Dethonray introduces the Prelude DTR1+, an upgrade to the original DTR1.

This new DAP keeps the same chip used in the DTR1, the AK4490EQ, but improves the electronics and hardware components, such as the low pass circuit and the power supply.

The DTR1+ is available for preorder from HiFiGo for approximately 840€ here and you can find more details in the original article posted on HiFiGo here.


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