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In the collection of IEMs that Antdroid (from Audio Discourse) sent me to check out, there are a couple of collaborations with Crinacle. The ones I am going to “mini review” (I explained more about these mini reviews in my post of the Timeless, here) today are the Fiio x Crinacle FHE: Eclipse.

This is a hybrid set that uses 1x DD and 2x BA drivers, with the tuning done by (or at least in collaboration with) Crinacle. These are actually also the first set of Fiio IEMs that I have ever tried, so it was interesting to give them a whirl.


As with the other sets, these are on loan so I can’t really be certain about what is actually included in the package. I will say that there is both a Pelican style hard shell storage/transport case, along with a soft case, which is a nice touch.

Build and aesthetics… 

The IEMs are a generic shape that works very well for my ears, with a simple but elegant aesthetic and they seem to be very well built. As far as build and aesthetics of the IEMs, I have absolutely no complaints.

The included cable is a good quality cable but is a little bulky for my personal tastes. It is not terrible, I have had much chunkier cables, but I would prefer slightly less weight if possible.

All in all, they are a good set in this regard, my only complaint would be the use of MMCX connectors, something I am not fond of.


As mentioned in my other mini-reviews, I have not spent more than a day with these IEMs so I have formed brief impressions but these could change (for better or for worse) if I was to spend a more extended period with them.

Starting with the subbass, I find them to fit my tastes quite well in this regard. There is enough subbass rumble for any of my music selections and it still stays pretty well controlled, giving the low end enough power for me to be happy.

The midbass is a little north of my preferences but I do not find it offensive, I find it fills out the low end well and gives a nice warmth without being overpowering. The low end also avoids bleeding into the lower mids and is generally quite a pleasant listen, which is quite a bit of praise for someone who does not like a lot of bass.

The midrange is pleasant, most of the time. It is a little recessed, with an overall tuning that is quite V shaped, but sometimes there will be certain vocals that appear as quite harsh. This is not really a regular occurrence but on certain tracks, the upper mids will be a little too violent, creating that harshness on certain voices and higher ranges of mid centric instruments. Again, it is not all the time, just certain tracks and artists that seem to clask in their tonality with the tuning of the Eclipse.

The treble I find to be very pleasurable and to have a good extension, with a nice sensation of air and openness for a set of IEMs. The soundstage isn’t huge, they are IEMs, but listening to things like “La Luna”, which is a binaural recording, is very enjoyable.


I had no idea how much these IEMs cost (I really haven’t taken much notice of Fiio) but after listening to them all day and finding them very easy going and pleasurable, I checked the price. I was very surprised to find that they are around 130€, a price that I feel is very reasonable for what you get,

They are not my favourite IEMs ever, but I have enjoyed listening to them and I think that they are a very valid option for a vast amount of people, offering a better than average sound for a price that is by no means overly inflated.

I must say that I have been pleasantly surprised by the Fiio FHE Eclipse.

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