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The last mini review I posted (more about what these mini reviews are included in the Timeless review here) was of the Fiio collaboration with Crinacle, the FHE: Eclipse. Today I am going to give my impressions on the other Crinacle collaboration that Antdroid has kindly loaned me, the SeeAudio Yume Midnight.

This is another set of 1x DD + 2x BA, as with the FHE, with a price that is a little higher than the Fiio option, but still not crazy expensive, coming in at under 200€


Once more, I can’t comment on the whole contents of the Midnight as they are on loan, but I will say that the box is huge, there is a rigid storage case included and what seems to be plenty of anime related stuff.

Build and aesthetics…

The IEMs are a very generic and comfortable shape, at least for me, with shells that are finished in a carbon fibre type style.

I don’t think they are anything special in this regard but they are not offensive and do not stand out from so many other options, except for a logo on one side and the name “midnight” on the other.

The cable is the simplest I have tried so far this week but it is also the lightest, something that I find a plus for my tastes.


Starting with subbass, there is quite an elevation, very similar to the FHE Eclipse, which provides plenty of rumble in the lower registers when the track calls for it. In my opinion, the quantity is not excessive and fits my tastes quite well in this regard. I feel that it is enough for most people to be happy unless they are all out bass heads.

As with the Eclipse, the midbass is a little more than I would choose but it is decent and gives a nice warmth to the low end without becoming overly bloated or muddy, keeping the transition into the lower mids fairly clean. It is not something I would consider amazing in the bass range but it is a sound signature that should please most people, however, I do find it to be a little simple in this respect. I don’t find that the bass provides all the details that could be presented.

This is not really a complaint as such, I mean, it does handle the bass well, but when listening to things like Miller, Clarke & Wooten, the three bass guitars do seem to blend together a little, losing some of the separation that I would expect to hear.

The mid range is also similar to the Eclipse, at least until we hit the upper mids. This means that there is a slight recession in the mids, due to the overall V shaped tuning, making some vocals not stand out as much as I am used to on other sets.

The upper mids and lower treble is smoother on the Midnight than on the Eclipse, with less presence around the 3kHz mark, adding to the sensation of the vocals taking a step back. This is not bad but is not my preference as far as the presentation of vocals and mid range instruments are concerned.

The treble has good extension, better than what I am used to with IEMs in these price ranges, and I feel that there is a good sensation of air, however, I again feel that it is a little lacking in the separation of layers, even in these high ranges. Don’t get me wrong, the sound is by no means bad, just not really exciting.

The details are present but as with the bass, they do seem to blend together a little, making it seem a little boring on occasions. This is good for general relaxing and listening to music but if you want to focus on details, then I feel that other sets do it better.


I don’t really have any complaints about the Midnight, but I am not really thrilled by them either. They are a good set of IEMs, they don’t really do anything wrong. They could be a little more exciting and they could do a better job of separating details, which I feel are there, just that they are not spaced out between themselves, making it a little more difficult to enjoy the nuances of certain instruments.

I feel that this set could make a lot of people very happy but I also feel that the Eclipse is similar enough to suit just as many people and comes in at a lower price. The extension of the treble is better on the Midnight but I think the Eclipse presents details in a better way.

Both sets are good for their price but I don’t feel that the extra cost of the Midnight is worth it over the Eclipse.


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